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Friday, September 9, 2011

How To Add Weather Widget

Do you want to know how to put a weather widget for your website or blog?

Having the latest weather updates on your blog keep your site alive and fresh for your visitors. Weather widgets is the easiest way to show off your local weather forecast on your website, which can easily be implemented in your blog or website.

Each of the weather widget displays the wind details, temperature, and much more.


This weather widget made a simple Javascript that allows you to install easilly to your site or blog.

The instruction is you just enter your City, State or ZIP in the form, this widget will show the current weather and weather forecast with small icons.


This WeatherBug widget comes in multiple sizes which display your local weather forecast.
50x250, 180x150, 160x600, 300x250 , 125x125 and 728x90.

It display the local weather conditions, forecasts, severe weather alerts and more on your website, social networking page or blog.

Here are some great website where you can get a weather widget for your site.


This widget is perfect for your sidebar.


It has a large selection of widget.


This site allows you to choose your theme of your weather widget.

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